Termination Form

Membership Termination

Provisions and Policies for Voluntary Termination/ Suspension of Membership Account

Any member wishing to cancel or freeze their membership shall give notice to the Club by email from the email address on file with the membership account, in-person, or by the postal service in accordance with California State Assembly Bill 2810 (AB 2810) no less than 30 days prior to their scheduled payment, in order for freeze or cancellation to be effective by that month. Email notification may be sent to [email protected]. Membership cards and all dues and fees must be current. At that time, the Club will apply any last month’s prepaid dues to the final month of membership. Member is liable for dues payments regardless of Member’s use or non-use of the Club facilities. Such dues liability shall cancel after (1) written notice to the Club of intent to cancel. (2) Full payment due and (3) return of membership card.

Premature termination of a term contract will only be possible with the remittance of a an Early Termination Fee (ETF) calculated as a prorate of dues in full based on the month-to-month agreement rate plus any enrollment fee that would have otherwise been assessed for a month-to-month plan. The ETF may be waived under the following circumstances: A) Permanent Disability - A signed doctors letter is supplied that indicates in no uncertain terms that the member will not be able to work out for the remainder of the contract, B) Member permanently moves their residence more than 20 miles from the facility. The member must provide proof of their relocation (lease, utility bill, etc.)

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