Recovery is an important facet of any well-rounded workout routine. Working out, and just day-to-day living, puts stress on the body and making post-workout recovery a part of your routine can make a world of difference in how sore you feel or in the quality of your rest between workouts.  


Our Hydromassage lounges use powerful water jets (you don’t get wet though) to provide a soothing experience with variable intensities and speeds. Massage is proven to reduce muscle soreness by promoting blood flow and by applying gentle pressure to connective tissues that affect our muscle and joint performance. Hydromassage may also help with more chronic conditions like inflammation by helping to reduce pain and stiffness.


Our Cryolounge offers all the benefits of cold therapy without the discomfort or inconvenience of a cold plunge or a cryotank. It’s quick and easy to use when you’re in post-recovery from a particularly intense workout or even if you’re rehabilitating after an injury. It is especially effective with chronic back and posterior pain and inflammation.


Wildly popular these days, you see massage guns of all types used by athletes, medical professionals, and health and fitness personalities, but the first deep-tissue muscle massage gun was Theragun and nobody does it better than Therabody so we’re happy to offer an array of tools for our members to use. Pin-point areas of muscle pain and experience fast relief. We also offer a selection of Wave Rollers by Therabody which help particularly with myofascial release.