The mountains are calling and I must go. – John Muir
Author, Naturalist, Environmental Philosopher

What is Outdoor Fit?

We live in some of the most beautiful country this side of the Sierra and we see no good reason that taking our physical fitness outside shouldn’t be a regular part of our life. After all, we don’t workout simply to get fit. That’s just a means to an end. The goal is living every day to the fullest.

Mental and emotional well being are also very important components to our overall health and shouldn’t be overlooked. We believe that regularly experiencing the natural world in a supportive environment is essential to our personal growth. That’s why we created Outdoor Fit. It’s an opportunity to engage with your fellow members in the great outdoors while enjoying the benefit of an expert guide.

Trail hiking can range from very easy to difficult depending on a variety of factors including grade, elevation, obstacles, and distance.  We hike both loops and “out and back” trails and everyone generally goes at their own pace. 
Snowshoeing is an amazing way to see parts of the wilderness that oft go untravelled due to it being difficult to access. It’s a great workout activity and offers lots of cardio (especially if the occasional snow ball fight breaks out). Even though it’s a vigorous activity it’s accessible to all fitness levels.  


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