5 Steps to Overcoming Fitness Defeat

I would like to share with you five simple steps to get yourself out of a psychological rut when you’re feeling defeated, tired or simply overwhelmed with fitness progress. We all struggle to get back on a fitness program when fall off even if for a couple days. One thing I can say with certainty […]

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Overcoming Fitness Failure

The New Year is approaching and once again, thousands of Americans are stepping on scales or looking in mirrors wondering what happened to last year’s resolution. We are experiencing yet another fitness failure and become frustrated, discouraged and in some severe cases, depressed. We have so many rational excuses such as family, career, time or […]

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The holidays are a special time to share with friends and family yet so many people struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the season. Excessive food consumption, lack of activity, party commitments, travel and other stresses can take control and before you know it, you have gained some unwanted body fat or you feel […]

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