Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.– Jim Rohn
Entrepreneur, Author

A Tried and True System Built for Success

We want to know your goals, dreams, and challenges? Our members mean so much more to us than just a face in the crowd. We know that taking that first step to change your lifestyle requires trust and understanding.
We perform Functional Movement Screenings to see where you are physically. Creating a baseline is one of the most vital steps to training. Your doctor wouldn’t prescribe treatment without giving you a physical. As professionals neither would we.
Tailored to your needs and goals and designed for success. A customized program with realistic goals is absolutely essential. Each of our programs is individually crafted based on what we have come to learn about you.
Health is a dynamic goal. From how you look in the mirror to the actual analytics of body composition, what’s important is that you’re happy and that is what we aim for. Regularly reassessing your needs and goals and making adjustments to your training regimen helps us insure your progress remains steady and you don’t plateau.


What Is Alloy?

Alloy is a powerful system that assists our training staff in creating programs tailored to our members needs. It utilizes our Functional Movement Screening and other tools to properly place and progress our members throughout their fitness journey. It utilizes four group training formats: Foundations, Afterburn, Industrial Strength, and Small Group. These programs are designed to challenge you at every level so that you don’t “plateau”.



Industrial Strength

Small Group

Team Training Schedule







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