Let’s Move for a Better World

Now more than ever before in history we are sedentary. Work has become more computer centric, manual labor is being supplemented by machines, and some people are even walking their dog with drones these days! In addition, we are at an all time low when it comes to nutrient dense food intake. Our sustenance is full of fillers and preservatives and we can eat and eat and not get what we need to live a fulfilling life. We move less and eat more and it’s a serious crisis and we’re wondering where does it stop.

It stops when an informed group of people take a stand and say enough is enough. Of course taking a stand isn’t enough of course and for the rest of March we are partnering with #TechnoGym to participate in the #LetsMoveforaBetterWorld challenge. Learn how you can help fight obesity world wide and get active yourself. Join a global movement by downloading the MyWellness app today and make your MOVEs count!




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