Live Better-Live Fit

Since 1981 that is exactly what we’ve done. We have helped change the lives of our members so they can live the life they want to the fullest! We don’t believe that exercise is an end in itself but rather a means to an end. Recently we were on a hike to the top of Mount Ballie. When we reached the summit we were over joyed by the breathtaking view of the fall foliage lining the Atlantic Ocean. It was there that we were reminded again how keeping fit over the years has helped us and our members enjoy life to the fullest. Now in our 60’s being fit continues to help us enjoy our lives together.

We originally opened CAC because of Art’s love for racquetball. Even back then, he exercised to keep in shape to play racquetball and other physical activities (ok throw in a little vanity). We love hearing stories from our members telling how exercise has helped them live the life they desire. Being fit has a different meaning for each of us; one member recently trained to climb Mount Whitney and made it! Another was a Grandmother whose desire was to play with her new grandchild; she lost weight, has more energy and now does just that.

We are known for having a little fun along the way by providing annual member social events each year, like our Fall Festival, Christmas Party, Summer Kick Off, and Member Appreciation Day (MAD) and more. We are developing our “Club Without Walls” and have partnered with Bayside Adventure Sports, which offers our members over 19 active sports to participate, multi-day trips (Yosemite, Grand Canyon, etc.), and Epic Adventures i.e. climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, hiking Machu Picchu.

Our goal is to continue to develop exercise programs that will enable our members to get the results they desire in the shortest possible time so they can spend more time enjoying the life they desire.


Come join us!

CACfit Join us where friends, fun, and fitness come together!

Art and Linda Chappell